Broca media and language consultants cc

About Broca

  • Proven media experience
  • Trained, professional journalists
  • Focus on building and maintaining successful media profiles

With the combined experience of more than 30 years in broadcast and print media, the media consultants of Broca Media and Language Consultants are able to represent their clients’ needs to the media from the viewpoint of a professional journalist. Who better to handle the media and manage your company’s publicity and news profile than those who’ve been there?

Who could benefit from Broca’s services?
  • NGOs and corporate and commercial organisations who want to enhance their media exposure by way of a specifically designed media strategy
  • Commercial clients looking for media exposure for their social investment projects
  • Organisations and individuals that require the services of translators and interpretors, as well as services such as proofreading and creative writing
  • Clients who in need of media training workshops
  • Clients looking for a news supplier