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Mpone Media Strategy

  • Corporate social responsibility forms a measurable aspect of corporate governance
  • Several social investments fail due to a lack of media exposure
  • A Mpone Media Strategy sponsorship enables a company to sponsor the media strategy of a non-profit organisation
  • The non-profit organisation gains a media profile to use as a marketing tool when contending for sponsorships
  • The sponsorship company gains the necessary media exposure for its social investments

People, planet and profit. The triple bottom line. In this century, making a difference to the lives of people and the life of the planet will determine a company’s profit. Corporate social responsibility has become more than just charity – it is now an integral part of running a business.

The task of making a difference to the lives of people and of protecting our planet – although everyone’s responsibility - usually falls in the hands of a few who not only feel the need to do something but also have the insight to know what to do to make that difference. However, to do this, they need help.

Sponsorships and donations form a large part of the budget of non-profit organisations and advocacy groups. The problem is that many of these organisations have a very low and in some instances non-existent media profile. It goes without saying that the more visible organisations are the ones that benefit from sponsorships and donations. Often, most of these organisations do inspiring and life-changing work that goes unnoticed.

Broca offers commercial enterprises the opportunity to sponsor the media strategy of a non-profit organisation of their choice. Broca will then implement and maintain the media profile of this NGO in order to raise its public visibility, which, in turn, will enable them to contend for better sponsorships and donations because they will have a proven media profile – truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Broca will assist the commercial enterprise in determining a media sponsorship package that suit the company’s aims and budget. The company can identify an organisation, or a recipient will be identified by Broca.